Wire Arc Spray Coatings


The Wire Arc Spray Coating method is a Thermal Spray process in which two conductive wires are melted as they are acted upon by an arc. The arc produces such a temperature that it transforms the wires into a molten state. The resulting material is then atomized into small particles and ultimately propelled onto the desired substrate by ultra-clean, compressed air.

Major advantages of Wire Arc Spray coating method include lower operating costs, higher material output per hour, and production of a more coarse coating than the Plasma or HVOF methods. Wire Arc coatings are exceptionally suited for dimensional restoration of both mis-machined and worn parts. With a history of proven and cost-efficient corrosion protection we are capable of saving clients time and money; when such events occur.

Overall, the Wire Arc Spray coating method is a cost efficient and easily repeatable process that offers versatility and high reliability.

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